ENG 394: Junior Honors Seminar: Digital Literature Theory + Practice

Semester: Spring 2006     Time: T 3:00 - 5:30 pm     Place: Kuy 411

Instructor: John Zuern
Office: Kuykendall 219     Office Hours: TR 1:30 - 3:00 (and by appointment)
Email (the best way to contact me): zuern@hawaii.edu     Telephone: 956-3019


schedule is subject to change
FP = First Person :: WM = Writing Machines :: HL = House of Leaves

January 10

Introduction to the Class

Santangelo, Iris
Andrews, Seattle Drift
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Lotus Blossom
Yuen, [Memoirs from Hijiyama]

Create UH Web Accounts
Introduction to HTML (we'll be using Dave Raggett's HTML Tutorial)
Secure File Transfer procedures

January 17 (last day to drop classes without a "W" grade)

Block, Heibach, and Wenz, "Introduction" from P0es1s: The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry (handout)

Jackson, Patchwork Girl (in-class demo from CD-ROM)
Moulthrop, excerpt from Victory Garden
Malloy, Afterwards
Queeney and Davila, Origami

Explore the Eastgate site for background on literary hypertext; explore the Born archives for other collaborations between writers and designer/programmers.

Introduction to the class blog
Introduction to HTML and CSS

Before class, please complete the W3C CSS Tutorial (the tutorial should take you about 1 hour)

January 24

WM 1-75 and Web Supplement


Kendall, Faith
Ankerson, Murmuring Insects
Nelson, Hermeticon

You can find more kinetic texts by Kendall and others on his Word Circuits site, more from Ankerson and others on the Poems that Go site, more from Nelson on his Secret Technology site.

Introduction to Flash

January 31

WM 48-63
FP 207-235

guide for WM
guide for FP

Cayley, windsound (demo)
Cayley, wotclock (select wotclock from Cayley's "works in progress" menu)
Memmot, Lexia to Perplexia

More Flash

February 7

FP "Introduction" (xi-xii) and 167 - 206


Fisher, These Waves of Girls
Morrissey, The Jew's Daughter
Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, Dakota and Miss DMZ

Introduction to Flash Scripting

DUE: sketches/alpha version of review

February 14

Presenter: Sheela Jane

Stefans, The Dreamlife of Letters
Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, Artist's Statement No. 45,730, 944: The Perfect Artistic Web Site
Loyer, Hollowbound Book ("Web Take" on Hayles' Writing Machines)

February 21

Presenter: Kanani

Strickland and Coverley, Errand Upon Which We Came
Strickland and Lawson, V: Vniverse
Mez, ][ad][dressed in a Skin C.ode

DUE: beta version of review

February 28

Presenter: Zach

FP 1-69


Introduction to the MOO

March 7

Presenter: A.J.

FP 71-164

Myst and Fable (demo)

Reminder: March 10 is the last day to withdraw with a "W" grade.

March 14

Studio Day (wrap up reviews; work on creative projects)

DUE: release version of review

March 21

WM 108-131


HL xi-252

DUE: sketches/alpha version of creative project

March 28

Spring Break

April 4

WM 101-107
FP 289-317
HL 253-468
Morrissey and Talley, My Name is Captain, Captain

April 11

Studio Day (work on creative projects)

April 18

Presenter: Michael

HL 469-662
Morrissey and Talley, My Name is Captain, Captain

DUE: beta versions of creative projects

April 25

Presenter: Justin

Morrissey and Talley, My Name is Captain, Captain

May 2

Project Presentations

May 10

DUE: release versions of creative projects

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