ENG 394: Junior Honors Seminar: Digital Literature Theory + Practice

Semester: Spring 2006     Time: T 3:00 - 5:30 pm     Place: Kuy 411

Instructor: John Zuern
Office: Kuykendall 219     Office Hours: TR 1:30 - 3:00 (and by appointment)
Email (the best way to contact me): zuern@hawaii.edu     Telephone: 956-3019

Web Resources

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Electronic Literature Organization

This is perhaps the most influential professional organization for writers and critics of digital literature. The ELO Directory of Electronic Literature, supervised by the e-poety and critic Robert Kendall, is an enormous collection of digital literary works. This should be your first stop when you start exploring literary work in eletronic media.

Electronic Book Review

This is one of the leading online publications in the field of electronic literature. The chapters and responses for First Person are collected in the First Person section of the ERB.

Check out the reviews of Hayles' Writing Machines by Komninos Zervos, Raine Koskimaa, and Geniwate

Browse the "Electropoetics" thread for critical articles by a number of the authors we have read this semester, including Stephanie Strickland and John Cayley.

SUNY Buffalo Electronic Poetry Center

Managed by the e-poet and critic Loss Pequeño Glazier, this site offers many resources on digital poetry.


This is a journal published in both German and English that includes a number of important contributions to digital literature criticism. Hamilton Library subscribes to the journal, so you have full access to its resources. Roberto Simanowski (the editor and a major critic of digital literature) and Anja Rau both have essays on Caitlin Fisher's These Waves of Girls, among many other useful materials.

Web Journals and Galleries

Albino Blacksheep
Born Magazine
Iowa Review Web
Poems that Go

Some Literary Precursors to Digital Literature

This introduction to the Dada movement is part of the University of Iowa Libraries online Dada archive. The archive provides biographies of major figures of the movement and links to some of the most relevant texts and images.

This web site associated with the book The Oulipo Compendium, edited by Harry Matthews and Alastair Brotchie, offers a glimpse of what the Workshop for Potential Literature was all about.

Concrete Poetry
UBU WEB has published Mary Ellen Solt's 1968 study Concrete Poetry: A World View in an electronic format. The Introduction to Solt's book offers a solid overview of concrete poetry. Michael P. Garofalo has developed an index of Specific Concrete Poems on the WWW-InterNet.

This essay on Poetry Previews gives a concise background for the "language" poetry movement. If you're interested in this movement, you should also look at Marjorie Perloff's essay After Language Poetry: Innovation and its Theoretical Discontents on the SUNY Buffalo Electronic Poetry Center site.


Chris Boraski's Hypertext Timeline gives a good overview of key developments in hypertext.

Jorn Barger's HyperTerrorist's Timeline of Hypertext History
offers more detail.

Eastgate Systems
Mark Berstein, the head of Eastgate Systems publishing, has been a supporter, publisher, and critic of hypertext literature since its beginnings in the late 1980s.

Technical and Design Resources

UH Username/Web Account Management
Log in with your MyUH login name and password. Use the "Enable Access to Existing Home Page Files" if you receive "Forbidden" error messages when trying to access files from your www2.hawaii.edu URL.

Creating Personal Home Pages at UHM
This page provides useful instructions on building your personal home page as well as links to SFTP software.

Web Standards Project

CSS Zen Garden

Completed W3C CSS Tutorial Site
You can examine the style specifications in the source for this page to remind yourself of the conventions for CSS.

Example of Contextual Selectors in CSS
This is a little example of how to change styles for different parts of your web page using "contextual selectors" in CSS.

Visibone Web Safe Color Table.
This chart gives you the hexidecimal codes for colors that will display predictably in web browsers.

Using MLA Style

Purdue Online Writing Laboratory (OWL)


Avoiding Plagiarism: Practical Strategies

Emily Werrill, Duke University Libraries


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