ENG 394: Junior Honors Seminar: Digital Literature Theory + Practice: Guides

Semester: Spring 2006     Time: T 3:00 - 5:30 pm     Place: Kuy 411

Instructor: John Zuern
Office: Kuykendall 219     Office Hours: TR 1:30 - 3:00 (and by appointment)
Email (the best way to contact me): zuern@hawaii.edu     Telephone: 956-3019

Reading Guide for Hayles 1-75 + Web Supplement

Hayles' book is part of the Mediawork Pamphlet series published by MIT Press. Contributors to the series are ask to write about issues in new media arts in a way that includes an autobiographical component. Pay attention to the way Hayles interlaces her critical text with references to the experiences of "Kay," who serves as a kind of autobiographical alter-ego for Hayles the critic. You may want to incorporate a similar approach in your writing projects for this class, blending scholarly and more personal, self-reflective writing in the same piece.

You should also think about the relationship between the printed book and the web-based supplemental materials that accompany it. The designer, Anne Burdick, has incorporated a number of typographical features (such as underlined text to indicate terms included in the online glossary) that connect the two means of accessing Hayles' ideas. You might find inspiration for some design strategies for your own projects.

As you read, track how Hayles uses the following terms and concepts:

Some references you might want to follow up:

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