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Submission Guidelines

All students currently enrolled in ENG-100, ENG-100A, ENG-101, or ELI-100 are eligible and encouraged to submit their work Nā Mana‘o. However, all papers must be submitted through your professor.

We encourage all professors to submit the best papers produced in their class during the semester to us - with the author's permission naturally.

Nā Mana‘o will not be judging the papers. We're asking the professors to encourage their students to submit any exceptional papers that are produced during the semester.

The "best" papers can be selected by the professor or by the students or some combination of the two; however, we do ask that each class limit their submissions to one or two...maybe three papers...naturally, we will consider more on a case-by-case basis bearing in mind that we really want exemplary writing.

We also ask the professors to consider submitting the assignment or prompt that resulted in the finished work. Hopefully, by seeing the assignment with a finished paper, future students will have examples of the range of work possible within the confines of the assignment.

While it is not required for publication in Nā Mana‘o, we do encourage the students to upload their drafts to Nā Mana‘o on Laulima for feedback while they are working on the assignment.

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