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Welcome to Nā Mana‘o

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In the Hawaiian language, Mana‘o can mean any of the following: Thought, idea, belief, opinion, theory, thesis, intention, meaning, suggestion, mind, desire, want; to think, estimate, anticipate, suppose, mediate, deem, consider. Thus Nā Mana‘o can serve to help all of us engaged in first-year composition- instructors, mentors, tutors, students, and administrators-to probe writing in its many dimensions.

We believe this is the only digital journal published by a Division 1 University devoted exclusively to First Year Composition. Our journal contains exemplary writing from previous ENG 100, ENG 100A, ENG 101, and ELI 100 classes. There is a great variety here-in topic, form, and style- reflecting the range of work that is done in the fifty-something first-year writing courses offered each semester at UH Mānoa. You'll find short sketches, vignettes, and narratives of personal experiences as well as longer analyses of contemporary issues and problems. Some of the pieces will spark more controversy than others; some will invite or provoke response. All provide for thoughtful reading, either in or out of class.

This collection is the result of many talented individuals: the students who submitted their essays for consideration; their teachers, who helped students in developing their work and encouraged them to submit it; and many people in the department who supported our efforts to launch this site.

Editing has been kept to a minimum; the editors have taken the liberty of eliminating obvious errors in spelling and punctuation but have tried to avoid revising stylistic choices that are acceptable if not always ideal.

We hope you enjoy the fine writing by our previous first-year students. Naturally, we encourage our current first-year students to submit their work to us for publication in Nā Mana‘o.

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