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English 100

Composition I

English 100: Composition I offers you the opportunity to hone your skills in writing as preparation for your work as a scholar here at UH and as a foundation for your career. This course introduces you to different forms of college-level writing and guides you in writing for different purposes and audiences. Included in those audiences are your peers and instructor, who will help you develop prowess in planning, drafting, critiquing, revising, and editing through oral and written feedback. Expect to compose at least 5000 words of finished prose during the semester, equivalent to approximately 20 typewritten pages.

You will read a variety of texts and make use of a variety of sources in expressing your own ideas, perspectives, and/or opinions in writing. As you do so, you will develop important skills in information literacy by learning search strategies, critical evaluation of information and sources, and appropriate ways to incorporate such information into your writing by acknowledging sources and providing citations. We offer a rich range of courses and approaches to help you achieve these goals, so be sure to check the current course description for each section to choose the one that’s best for you.

Mentors in English 100

In many sections of English 100, an experienced student (MA students in English or upper-division students with tutoring experience) has teamed with the course instructor to help individualize instruction for each student in the course. These mentors hold intake meetings with students to find out more about their writing backgrounds, then follow up over the semester with individual conferences scheduled out of class and designed to help each student excel. Mentors attend all classes, taking notes on course content to help them help students, and they may also take part in discussions and small-group activities such as peer review. Mentors also help students adjust to UHM and plan their academic futures through individual and group meetings on such topics as choosing their five Writing Intensive courses offered through the Manoa Writing Program or developing an e-portfolio of their writing. To see the Mentoring home page, click here.

Tutors in English 100

In many sections of English 100, students who would like additional support for their writing can work with a tutor who is an advanced undergraduate with strong writing skills and who has been trained through coursework and practical experience in writing instruction. This, like the services provided by mentors, is free and open to any student in the class. The tutor will come to occasional class sessions to observe and participate, will stay in contact with the instructor through each assignment, and will be available to meet with students individually during the semester. Working with a tutor, students can get assistance with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming initial ideas, to creating outlines and rough drafts, to developing and revising final projects.

Tutors outside English 100

Even for students in sectionsof first-year writing that do not include a mentor or tutor, there is additional tutorial support available. Students can contact the English Department directly to sign up for occasional or regular tutoring sessions with an advanced undergraduate student, one who has previously worked in a classroom in the ways desccribed above. Such tutors will not be involved directly in these students' classes, but they will be available to meet and discuss works in progress from a centralized location. In many respects, these tutors will work like respondents in a writing center, but their focus is strictly on helping students in first-year writing courses. As with the other forms of support mentioned above, this is a free service.