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The Mission

The fundamental mission of the Department of English is to develop students’ critical reading, writing, and creative skills through the study of various literatures in the English language, composition and rhetoric, and creative writing. In carrying out this mission, the Department places particular emphasis upon the diversity of cultures in Hawai‘i, Asia, and the Pacific. Faculty members are committed to quality research and scholarship, generous public service, and exemplary teaching, working directly with students in relatively small classes to allow close attention. [ More ]

About the Department

With over 300 undergraduate majors and minors, 100 graduate students, and some 45 faculty members, the English Department is the largest in the UHM College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures (LLL). The Department offers a flexible yet challenging 33-credit undergraduate major with emphases in Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Composition/ Rhetoric, and Asia/Pacific Studies.

The English minor consists of 15 upper-division English credits and allows the student three elective courses in addition to two required courses. Pursuing Honors in English offers students a dynamic and focused intellectual experience as they select from a range of Honors tutorials, work closely with faculty members and one another, and write creative or scholarly theses.

Our graduate program offers both the MA and the PhD degrees. Students may pursue the MA with a concentration in Literary Studies in English, Composition and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, or Cultural Studies in Asia/Pacific. Doctoral candidates in Creative Writing may submit creative work for the dissertation.

The Department supports a number of scholarly and creative print and on-line journals and sponsors readings and talks by visiting writers and scholars throughout the year. There are opportunities to work on journals and conferences, to do undergraduate tutoring, to do mentoring as a graduate student, to do internships in the community, and much more.